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Oil diffusers

Milano The oil burner, or oil diffuser, uses heated water to spread the fragrance. Simply place a few drops of perfume oil into the cup with water and ignite the tea light.

Svenskt konsthantverk The burners and jars are crafted in Sweden by our skilled potters.

Both perfume oils and essential oils can be used in the diffusers. You could also try our wax melts.

Fragrance pots

The aroma jars are made of porous clay that allows the perfume oil to slowly evaporate through its walls. Compared to oil burners the diffusion is slower. This makes the fragrance pot a better choice for places where a long-lasting scent is preferred.

Doftkrus Valentine Pour a few drops of perfume oil in the pot and place it on a nondelicate surface (or use the attached protective coaster). The fragrance will last for weeks.