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Vacuum cleaner deodorant

Include a teaspoon of the Vacuum Deodorant pellets when you change the bag of your vacuum cleaner. Your house will smell fresh every time you clean it.

doftkulor The Vacuum Deodorant pellets can also be used as Pot-Pourri and will give of its scent for a long time.


Assortment 1:
Rose, Lemon, Pine Needles, Lily of the Valley, Summer Flowers, Lavender
Assortment 2:
Tutti Frutti, Floral, Freesia, Pot-Pourri, Apple, Honeysuckle
Assortment 3:
Apricot, Strawberry, Vanilla, Orange, Anti-Tobacco, Melon


In case of swallowing
It has happened that children or pets have swallowed the pellets. The pellets are not toxic and their size and shape usually allows them to pass through the body with no ill effects. However, since the pellets do not dissolve they may cause obstruction in unfortionate cases. Be vigilant for symptoms like coughing or stomache ache and ensure immediate medical care if any symptoms arise.