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Sealing wax


Sealing wax was used to seal "letters close" and envelopes. It was also used to take the impression of seals on important documents, or to create a hermetic seal on containers. Now mainly used for decorative purposes, it was formerly used to ensure that the contents of the envelope were secure by being brittle enough to prevent undetected opening.

We make our sealing wax after traditional recipies consisting of shellac, turpentine, resin, plaster and colouring matter. Originally most sealing wax was red, and while the red wax is still the most popular other colours are becoming more common.

We are currently manufacturing wax of seven traditional colours:

Classic Red, Green, Blue, Black, Copper, Silver and Gold.

We also sell sealing wax in pellets form. Put a pellet in the spoon, heat it over an open flame and use the seal to place it on the envelope. With the pellets the risk of sooting is eliminated and this method works particulary well with the lighter colours of the wax. jullack

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